If you have question about this site, there is a good chance that you will find it listed below, accompanied by an appropriate answer. In the unlikely event it is not, please use the "contact us" facility and we will send you an answer as soon as possible.

Q: Placing Orders: How do I place an order?
A: First, you must log in before you can start placing an order. Then, simply find the product you wish to order, type the quantity required and click on the large grey "add selected items" button, or simply press enter on your keyboard. You may then, either continue adding lines or send your order by clicking on "Send Order" at the top of the page. If you are not ready to send your order, but would like to see its contents, just click on "My Order" at the top of the page. If you wish to remove an item from your order, simply click on theicon on the right hand side. This symbol does NOT mean that the item is out of stock. If you are at all unsure what the meaning of an icon or symbol is, simply mouse over it, and a message will appear explaining its purpose.

Q: Prices: Everything is priced at list. Will I receive my discounts and special net prices if I place an order online?  
A: Yes. All discount terms and special prices for your account will be applied automatically when your order is processed.

Q: Prices: The prices on the site appear wrong. Why is this?
A: All prices on this site are up-to-date and correct. Some prices may have changed since you last received a printed price list. Some Kraftixx prices have been reduced, after a review of the August 2011 price increase. Some unit prices for fixings have been rounded up to the nearest penny by our software,  but you will see the precise rate per box in the text accompanying the product. The rounding of unit prices in no way affects the net cost price, which will be correct.

Q: Quantities: I am trying to order a smaller quantity of a product than the minimum quantity allowed. What can I do about this?
A: Our rules for splitting box quantities of products are the same online as with ordering by any other method. We cannot split box quantities of small, fiddly screws, washers etc. Larger products such as shield anchors etc. may be purchased  in smaller quantities, and have no minmum quantity attached. You may use the comments box at the checkout stage to request a split box quantity, but we cannot guarantee to do so. 

Q: General Public: Can members of the public buy direct from this website?
A: yes . As you will have seen on our home page,we do sell direct to the public. To be able to place an order, it is necessary to log in and crate your account..

Q: Delivery: When will I receive my order?
A: It is our aim (but we do not guarantee) to ship any orders placed before 4.00PM for next day delivery throughout mainland UK. Deliveries to R.O.I and remote areas of the UK typically take 2 days to arrive. Please note that all products are ordered subject to availability. Also, some of the more obscure KWB products may require shipping from Germany and hence take a few days to arrive. If you have any special shipping requirements or require confirmation of product availability or despatch, you must contact us. 

Q: Delivery:  Can I have my order shipped to an alternative address?
A: Yes. This can be arranged at the checkout stage. Please note that delivery to addresses outside mainland UK / timed deliveries may incur additional charges.

Q: Finding Products: I cannot find the product I am looking for. Why is this?
A: Firstly, try using the search box. It will recognise either the product code or description. It may also be the case that the item has been discontinued from our range or has been temporarily withdrawn. If the search facility does not locate the product you are looking for,  "contact us" and we will respond with an answer as soon as possible.

Q: Adding Products To My Own Website: I wish to add products found on this site to my own. How can I do this?
A: There is no magic way to transfer products from our website to another. Our files may not be compatible with those used by your software, and if they were, we would have to pay our web-master a large sum of money to get it done. What we can do however, is make images of our products available to you. We can either send them to you electronically, or alternatively send you a CD-ROM. We have no text files available, as often much of the description is contained within the product title. For small numbers of products, it would be simpler to just copy and paste the information you need straight from our site.